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We attract and recruit the best high potential talents aligned with your corporate vision, and give you the tools to develop team leadership and maximize performances.

We find the perfect leaders your company needs to succeed in your competitive market.

We help new talents with fresh perspectives get into new opportunities while minimizing rejection risks.

We coach your key players to improve their leadership skills, increasing performances and results.

We facilitate and provide personalized coaching and consultations for SME boards and non-executive directors.

International Reach Leadership & Motivational Speaker

Public event speaking available for small and large audiences including Fortune 500 companies, universities, and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Sylvia is undoubtedly a person who has marked my career. I met Sylvia when she approached and shortlisted me for a position although I was not chosen by her client in the end.

Throughout my career, I had multiple interviews with head hunters. However, the quality of the interviews, support, and coaching I benefited from with Sylvia, has brought out the best of myself.
Sylvia’s professionalism and high standards, and above all, her sincere benevolence, takes you beyond your comfort zone and motivates you to prepare yourself intensively for the next steps.
As a privileged ally and with an excellent understanding of her candidates, with whom she takes the time to exchange at length, Sylvia embodies for me the absolute expertise of human relations and deserves all our confidence."




Céline Lopes
Brand & Collection Director at CASTELBAJAC Paris

"I have used Sylvia´s executive search services when looking for a key position in a relatively small organization, where we needed to be “right first time”.Sylvia was especially skilled in finding the person that possessed leadership skills in line with the core value of our company: that everything we do should contribute to a more sustainable world. The person hired effectively achieved a significant change in short time by delivering performance in all areas of value creation in line with this core value: People, Planet and Profit."




Ruud Gal
Corporate Audit Manager Operations, EHS & Quality at DSM

"I asked Sylvia to support me as a Coach when I left the SHISEIDO GROUP. I was fully aware that after a career of 32 years, it was the ideal moment to rethink the next chapter with a different mindset. We put this coaching under the theme of: how to reinvent myself? how to get out of my comfort zone? To understand what was slowing me down and what could I rely on to optimize my performance and managerial skills. In short, I wanted to understand and challenge my existing operating schemes.

Since it was my first coaching experience, I needed someone I could trust completely both in terms of integrity and confidentiality. Having already worked with Sylvia in the context of executive search, it was quite natural for me to choose her as a Coach. Today I am very satisfied to have started this process and do my best to take advantage of it and implement the learnings in my daily life of manager.

Obviously, I was not a fully convinced coachee at the very beginning, but because of her challenging yet benevolent attitude, her ability to establish a simple and direct communication, Sylvia made me identify the keys to walk in a direction that I probably would not have taken alone."




Nathalie Helloin-Kamel
Head of Global Fine Fragrance at TAKASAGO


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